Barcode ... How can I generate it?

Hi to All,
i’m italian and I must generate a barcode into a PDF file.

I’m using
O.S: Windows XP Professional
Ruby: 1.8.5
Rails: 1.2.1

… I found a ruby gem (barcode-0.2.gem) to do this, at least I think
Is it the right way to do it?
Where can I find some documentation?


i suggest to take a look on JasperReports.
i think it’s the best way to integrate reports, barcode and pdf
generation into your rails app.
as far as i know theres no satisfying way in rails. JasperReports / iReport (generate your reports
with a GUI)
Samples => barbecue sample for you

at least a starting point for the integration:

i took me a while to use it. so good luck. :slight_smile:

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