Bad times (off topic)

Hi All,

Anybody interested in providing some free accommodation for the rails
conference in Chacago, IL?

Myself and a colleague of mine booked the rails conference (and flights)
while still joy full employed. Recently the company we worked for has
gone bust leaving us unemployed & penny-less

We have flights already booked and paid for but the flight operator
refuses to refund or transfer the tickets. Since the main outlay for us
was the cost of the flights, we are considering going anyway.

So, anybody out there with accommodation near the rails conference and
feel like doing two people a good turn, please reply



This list and the Ruby/Rails community have been a great valuable
resource to me, so I’ll bite. Considering I don’t know you and your
friend and no-one has vouched for you, I’m not entirely comfortable
sharing a room with you. My two-year old son would probably frown on
it if I came home in body bag. (My wife on the hand would reap a nice
windfall in insurance proceeds, so she may feel differently.) At any
rate, contact me offline and I’ll pay for a separate hotel room for
you and your friend (I like my space). But, I’m not buying you
drinks, okay.


Michael T. wrote:

Michael, that’s awesome. Good for you.


And just in case anyone misinterprets my bad attempt at humor, I’m
sure David and his friend are great guys (they’re Rails guys right).
My reluctance to share floor space actually stems from the fact that
my wife might join me for some Chicago shopping.


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