Backgroundrb scheduler stops

I have two scheduled tasks:


:class: :mail_sender_worker
:job_key: :job_key_mail_sender_1
:worker_method: :do_work
:start: <%= + 5.seconds %>
:end: <%= 1.years.from_now %>
:repeat_interval: <%= 60.minutes %>

:class: :cleanup_worker
:job_key: :job_key_cleanup_1
:worker_method: :do_work
:start: <%= + 30.minutes %>
:end: <%= 1.years.from_now %>
:repeat_interval: <%= 60.minutes %>

Every morning between midnight and 2am they stop being triggered…

Everything else seems to run fine…

I have another background rb worker that is triggered when an external
app makes a call via an api… that one keeps running…
There are no errors in any of the logs, just that my scheduled tasks
never run again, unless I stop and start backgroundrb

my log:
20070716-22:19:16 (26124) start sending mails
20070716-22:19:17 (26124) finished sending mails
20070716-22:49:11 (26124) do_work in CleanupWorker called
20070716-22:49:11 (26124) started cleanup
20070716-22:49:11 (26124) finished cleanup
20070716-23:19:16 (26124) do_work in MailSenderWorker called
20070716-23:19:16 (26124) start sending mails
20070716-23:19:17 (26124) finished sending mails
20070716-23:49:11 (26124) do_work in CleanupWorker called
20070716-23:49:11 (26124) started cleanup
20070716-23:49:11 (26124) finished cleanup
20070717-08:19:45 (26124) do_work in ProcessVacancyWorker called
20070717-08:19:45 (26124) start processing vacancy
20070717-08:20:59 (26124) finished processing vacancy

As you can see the mail and cleanup workers last ran before midnight…
they should run every hour but there is a gap till 08:19 when the api
was called…

I added the end parameter to my schedules yaml but it made no

Any ideas?