Backgroundrb problem

I have this worker:

class ImportWorker < BackgrounDRb::MetaWorker
set_worker_name :import_worker
def create(args = nil)
def process(value)"Hello from process, value is " + value)

When I try to start it and use a job_key I get an error in the
backgroundrb log file.

MiddleMan.worker(:import_worker, ‘1’).process(‘foobar’)

: type:do_work:job_key"1:worker_method:
process:worker:import_worker: data"foobar
You have a nil object when you didn’t expect it!
The error occurred while evaluating nil.send_request
ask_worker' /Users/andersw/Railsapps/tre-gui-prototype_import/vendor/plugins/backgroundrb/server/lib/master_worker.rb:104:inprocess_work’

If I don’t use job_key it seems to work.

Has anybody else seen this? I’m using backgroundrb from svn trunk and
rails 1.2.6 on Mac OSX.

Thanks in advance!


I often get this error when I do stuff like shut down and restart my
Backgroundrb server while Rails is running. I have not conclusively
determined whether it matters if you start backgroundrb or the Rails
server first (don’t think it does), but if I stop both my Rails server
and backgroundrb, then restart them both, this error goes away.

I think it might also happen after you get an exception in
backgroundrb (especially in development mode), though that is
speculation, I haven’t gotten it in enough reproducible states to say
for sure. What I can say is that if I stop and restart both my bdrb
and my rails server, the error goes away.


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