Backgroundrb and TzTime

Hello all,

I’m using Backgroundrb on a project that has several time-sensitive

I’m using background.yml to set the schedule for my tasks.

I’m also using the TzTime plugin throughout the web site since users’
accounts need to be adjusted for their time zones.

I’d like my BackgroundRb tasks to all run at the same time everyday
(relative to EST). I’ve set the server’s timezone to UTC.

I need the process to run at the same time EST everyday.

In my backgroundrb.yml file, I have start commands such as this:
:start: <%= Time.local(,,, 1, 15, 0) %>

The problem with this is that before daylight savings, UTC was 4 hours
ahead of EST and now it’s 5 hours ahead.

What I’d like to do is adjust for that. I’d love to use TzTime.local
in my backgroundrb.yml but I’m not exactly sure how to do that. Is
there a way to include the TzTime plugin in the scheduler so that I
can call TzTime from the backgroundrb.yml?

Any help is much appreciated.