BackgroundRb and blocking analysis of progress


I’m using the BackgroundRb scheduler (http:// w/ rails (I’m using the older version
– not the 1.0 release announced yesterday).

My understanding of BackgroundRb is that it creates a separate thread
(divorced from http request/response) that can run a long-running
process (LRP).

The idea is to allow a rails application to periodically check on the
status of the LRP and (potentially) provide updates on a web-page to a

There is a bit of sample-code for BackgroundRb (
articles/BackgrounDRb) that demonstrates how the status of a LRP can
be checked.

Here is sample-code from a worker class described in the link shown

class FooWorker < BackgrounDRb::Rails
attr_reader :progress
def do_work(args)
@progress = 0
def calculate_the_meaning_of_life(args)
while @progress < 100

calculations here

@progress += 1

FooWorker functions properly in my hands (i.e. a sample web-page will
gradually show an increase in the value of @progress up to 100%).

The problem, however, happens when I change the code in the method
called calculate_the_meaning_of_life(args) found within FooWorker to
have it write a large file. The idea is to have rails/the-web-page
check on the status of the file-writing until it is completely done.

The problem is that the file-writing method seems to lock the
@progress variable and I can’t access @progress via my controller/
periodical-updater until the entire
method (calculate_the_meaning_of_life(args)) is complete.

The method shown below (where I write a file) doesn’t give me access
to @progress until the file is completely written & closed.

This is part of my new FooWorker class file
1 def calculate_the_meaning_of_life(args)
2 e = Event.find_all_by_id(best, :limit => 500000)
3 @progress = 0.0
4 @file_name = “#{args[:user_name]}.csv”
5 open("/e1/public/csvs/#{@file_name}", “w”)
6 e.each_with_index do |row, i|
7 f.puts(( {|c| row.send(c[:accessor])}).join("$"))
8 @progress = 100.0 * (i.to_f / e.size.to_f)
9 end
10 end
11 @progress = 100
12 end
13 FooWorker.register

if I delete lines 5 and 10 (i.e. I remove the file-writing commands,
then I have access to the @progress variable even while I’m iterating
through the result set (e.each_with_index {|blah| blah blah }), but
lines 5 and 10 block access.

Clearly, I’m doing something wrong (perhaps using the wrong file i/o
method), but I’m not sure of how to fix the problem.

Any suggestions or explanations as to what I’m doing wrong are much

figured it out.

f.flush is needed.

On Dec 11, 2:38 pm, “[email protected][email protected]

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