BackgrounDRb 1.0.1 release available now

Hi Folks,

I am glad to announce a 1.0.1 release of BackgrounDRb library. It has
numerous fixes and some nice feature updates, so please upgrade.


Updates and Fixes:

  • Fixed issue with Mysql Lost connections
  • Message debugging can be disabled now with ‘debug_log’ option in
    configuration file( :debug_log: false)
  • Use lazy load (:lazy_load: true) of models in master
  • MiddleMan.delete_worker aborts a worker immediately now.
  • Get information about all running workers. (
  • Enable setting of thread pool size. Tasks can be queued easily now.
  • Introspect a running worker ( MiddleMan.worker_info, note that this
    is different that MiddleMan.ask_status, since later will return status
    objects set by you in worker code)
  • Removed messing around with Core classes. BackgrounDRb doesn’t
    change behavior of any core classes now.
  • Worker status objects stay even after a worker dies.
  • BackgrounDRb can now store worker results/status objects in Memcache
    :memcache: “,”
  • Fixed issues with thread pool.
  • Committed Patches by Jason for test helper.
  • Committed patch for honoring wday option by Adam.


  • Advanced Rails Recipes book contains a full recipe on using
    BackgrounDRb now, hurray.


  • Distributed workers and persistent worker queues.


  • Ezra and Skaar for taking BackgrounDRb so far.
  • Francis for EventMachine and inspiration.
  • Jason for helping out with thread and mysql lost connection issues.
  • Adam for wday patch.
  • All the early adopters.

Usage and Installation Instructions:

Last but not the least, if you are using BackgrounDRb plugin and wan’t
to help, please send your patches either to track or to the list. I
would like to point that, there are NO outstanding bugs
thats unfixed with this version of BackgrounDRb. So give it a spin and
drop in a mail to the list, if you have any problems.

Also, if you are still using older version of BackgrounDRb, I will
suggest you to upgrade. It shouldn’t be painful. Older version of
BackgrounDRb has few unresolved bugs because of dependency on Slave
library ( Yeah, I do not understand that library), so please upgrade.

Let them talk of their oriental summer climes of everlasting
conservatories; give me the privilege of making my own summer with my
own coals.

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