- background color problem for FXCombobox

Dear all,

this is a cross-post from FXRuby-users’ mailing list. Since an earlier
from somebody else today got a response on the Ruby mailing list, which
hadn’t got a response on a more restricted list, I felt encouraged to
again, too :slight_smile:

How do you set the background color of a FXCombobox ?
I have a Combobox, which should have a white background
color, yet it somewhat strangely inherits the gray
color of the frame it sits in.
I have tried to correct this by setting

p = $settingsFrame


next if w.kind_of? TextField
next if w.backColor==HEADER_COLOR
if /ComboBox/.match(w.type.to_s)


for WHITE_BACK_COLOR=FXRGB(255,255,255),
and STD_BACK_COLR=FXRGB(128,128,128)

but this changes the background color from gray to white only if I
click on
the combobox to show a dropdown of them. Then , everything becomes
white, but after that, it turns to gray again.

Thank you for your help,


On 7/5/06, [email protected] [email protected] wrote:

How do you set the background color of a FXCombobox?

You’d probably need to change the background color of the FXTextField
widget that’s a child of the combo box.

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