B_rand new N200 Not working

Dear All,

I am getting towards the end of my tether with this Ettus stuff - having
had so much trouble I really don’t know why I did, I was stupid, but I
did recommend USRPs to a colleague for a radar project.

So,my colleagues new N200 has now arrived and I have to get it working
or questions will be asked.

It is connected up to the same PC the USRP2 was connected to, on the
same port, with the same software setup. With the same cables. With the
same everything basically. It should at least respond to ping on Does it respond to PING? No.

OK - perhaps something happened to the firmware in shipping, S2 should
recover this. Does anything happen when s2 is pressed on power cycle no.
I have pressed S2 until my finger is sore with no results. Are Ettus
shipping faulty hardware? I think not. So why am I yet again to wasting
so much time just trying to make things that should work, work? Last
time it was because things were changed and not documented. This time I
have no idea. Perhaps the default IP address was changed?


Well nobody cares I suppose - everyone is too busy with their own

To follow up, it seem like Ettus shipped us a dud after all because
after several different PCs have all failed to talk to it and because
the LEDs are not doing what they should. specifically the CLPD LED
lights but the firmware one does not, while the Ethernet lights and
remains orange, I have concluded that it is most likely that it has been
shipped without any default firmware or with incorrect or corrupted

Update - Yes they had shipped us a dud. Pity about the wasted day of

Now trying to build gnuradio but keep getting stuck on the firmware.
Doing that manually, with the latest firmware still gives:

Expected FPGA compatibility number 8, but got 7:
The FPGA build is not compatible with the host code build.

But at least the N200 appears to be working this time.