AWS RPC API's with dynamic params

Hi All,

I’ve been looking at the ActiveWebService::Base::API in rails. I’m
trying to creat several function that are generally like
set_state(statename, *args). There is simply not a good way to
determine the type or number of args in advance, though I can be sure
that they will be one of the types allowed by the xmlrpc protocol.
(structs in most cases.)

Looking at Rails implementation of RPC’s it appears that I must know the
signature of the call in advance. Is this the case and if so, what was
the reasoning behind it?

I have not gone very far into SOAP, but I believe bot it an XMLRPC’s
give enough information in the request to allow for this and Ruby is
certianly does not have a limitation on method calls. This seems like a
strange limitation, and one I am tempted to code around unless someone
can give me a good reason not to.


John M.