AWS and old xmlschema instances


hope someone has a simple solution for my problem.

We have an API using direct dispatching. When we receive SOAP posts
that are formatted to use the 2001 XMLSchema instance (requests come in
w/ xmlns:xsi=“”), everything
goes fine.

However, when we receive requests that are using the 1999 XMLSchema
(requests come in w/
xmlns:xsi=“”) something deep
within soap4r crashes, we serve up a 500 page and the application
remains hosed.

What seems to be at issue is the formatting of the datatypes,
particularly the API can handle a (2001) anyType datatype but pukes on
the 1999-style ur-type datatypes.

require ‘xsd/datatypes’

allows the API to work for the 1999-style requests, but all 2001-style
requests crash.

Anyone have an elegant solution to handle both types of requests?

I can hack together some kludgy code that’s executed in a before_filter
that looks for a 1999 namespace and returns and error the request, but
I’m hoping someone has a better solution.