Awesome Ruby - what do you think?

Hi mates,

I would be glad to receive some feedback. I released a new “Ruby
Toolbox” today - . It is based on the “Awesome
Ruby” list at Github. Basically, it adds a nice, I hope, interface on
top of the official list and a way to easily browse the different gems
by category. Moreover, you will be able to compare easily libraries by
their popularity and activity. That could be very useful when hunting
for libs. Here it is one example .

Of course, the whole project is built on the top of Ruby on Rails :slight_smile:

Any feedback or ideas how to improve the site are more than welcome.

Thanks in advance!

Cool :slight_smile:

Update: There have been some slight improvements since the release.

  1. Charts showing the popularity and activity
  2. Trends - showing whether the activity and popularity are growing or

You can find an example here:

Mates it’s been a while since “Awesome Ruby” was released. The design
has been tweaked a bit since then, and we’ve added the experimental
“code quality” feature. I hope it’s even more helpful now. Cheers!

nice site !

you could improve the site by putting a jpeg of some tremendously
sparkling ruby gemstone as the logo as an eye-catcher.