Aw: [ANN] Instant Rails 1.2

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Gesendet: Fr., 7. Apr. 2006 20:30:44 CEST
Betreff: [Rails] [ANN] Instant Rails 1.2
According to Zed S. who is doing extensive work on Windows at the
moment, there is some kind of bug or adverse interaction between the
Ruby based MySQL driver and Rails 1.1, but it appears the the C base
MySQL driver works just fine.

Instant Rails 1.2 now includes the C based MySQL driver and Ruby on
Rails 1.1.1.


On 4/1/06, Curt H. [email protected] wrote:

with Rails 1.1) and Typo (which is still using its own copy of Rails
with Instant Rails:

If you already have Instant Rails installed, then be sure to read the
upgrade instructions:

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