Avoid re-finding already-loaded associations

I have a situation where an instance method pulls out a selection from a
set of associated objects. Sometimes when this is called the associated
objects have been eager loaded, in which case it makes most sense to use
.select to pull the ones i want from the already-loaded collection.
Other times the associated objects have not been eager loaded, and it
makes most sense to use association.find to get the ones i want.

My question is this: can i tell if the associated objects have been
eager loaded already, so i can choose which approach to take? Or, even
better, is there a single approach where rails will know whether to load
them again or not?

thanks, max

On Jul 14, 3:30 pm, Max W. [email protected] wrote:

them again or not?

if it’s a collection then foo.bars.loaded?


ahh yes. perfect. thanks for the thousandth time Fred :slight_smile:

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