Autotest with rspec2 notifications on windows

Hello. I’ve been trying for the last 2 days to make autotest with rspec2
send notifications on windows7 but without any success.
First i used only the autotest gem with autotest-growl and the latest
version of growl for windows including the growlnotifier. Made all the
proper adjustments : created an autotest directory to import the rspec2
into autotest (got this from David Chelimsky’s blog). Created the
.autotest file and appended the require for autotest/growl. The autotest
was working just it was not registering to growl in any way.
Then i tried using a different approach with the gem ruby-snarl and
instead of autotest installed the latest version of the ZenTest gem.
Installed the latest version of snarl, set my HOME environment variable,
installed the GNU Diff utils package just for safety , then the latest
version of Snarl. The notifications are still not sent.

I would appreciate any more suggestions. Thank you in advance.

Vadim Comanescu