Autotest RSpec Not Running on Model Save's?

If I save my model while autotest is running, autotest doesn’t run the
model’s specs, all I get in my window is

/System/Library/Frameworks/Ruby.framework/Versions/1.8/usr/bin/ruby -S
script/spec -O spec/spec.opts

However if I go to the spec and save that, it’ll automatically run that
spec… it just won’t do it from the model itself. If I remember
autotest used to automatically map the model to the spec, didn’t it? Or
least automatically run all specs everytime you save?

Anyway, any help would be appreciated, thanks!


Same problem here, but I guess it has nothing to do with RSpec or the
fact that you are testing a model. Instead, Autotest seems to misbehave.

Say we have a project directory with these contents:

The following is what Autotest does on my system:
After running ‘$ autotest’
and changing the contents of spec_script.rb, Autotest invokes
/<path_to_ruby>/ruby -S /<path_to_rspec>/rspec-1.1.3/bin/spec -O
spec/spec.opts spec/spec_script.rb
Which is perfectly fine.
However, when I edit and save script.rb, Autotest will call ‘spec’
without specifying a file: /<path_to_ruby>/ruby -S
/<path_to_rspec>/rspec-1.1.3/bin/spec -O
Just as you described it.

I’d really love to hear some ideas on how to fix this. Thank you!

Yea a fix would be amazing. This is knda annoying because now I have to
press ctrl-c or something to run that spec.

On Sun, Apr 6, 2008 at 12:36 PM, Willem Källman [email protected]