Autotest missing specs, not missed in rake spec

I’ve included the output from running my specs with rake spec and
autotest. I’ve restarted autotest several times to no avail. For
some reason, autotest is missing the newsroom_blog_post specs. Any
idea how to resolve this? I’d like to continue using autotest, but
not if specs are going to be missed.


AUTOFEATURE=true autotest

/Users/em/.rvm/rubies/ruby-1.8.7-p302/bin/ruby -rrubygems -S /Users/
em/.rvm/gems/[email protected]/gems/rspec-core-2.5.1/bin/rspec –
tty ‘/Users/em/Development/backend/spec/models/newsroom_spec.rb’ ‘/
Users/em/Development/backend/spec/models/editor_spec.rb’ ‘/Users/em/
restricted_controller_spec.rb’ ‘/Users/em/Development/backend/spec/
controllers/admin/base_controller_spec.rb’ ‘/Users/em/Development/
backend/spec/models/newsroom_post_spec.rb’ ‘/Users/em/Development/
backend/spec/models/author_spec.rb’ ‘/Users/em/Development/backend/

Finished in 0.82257 seconds
22 examples, 0 failures

/Users/em/.rvm/rubies/ruby-1.8.7-p302/bin/ruby /Users/em/.rvm/gems/
[email protected]/gems/cucumber-0.10.0/bin/cucumber --format
progress --format rerun --out /var/folders/5h/
Using the default profile…

2 scenarios (2 passed)
7 steps (7 passed)

rake spec

/Users/em/.rvm/rubies/ruby-1.8.7-p302/bin/ruby -S bundle exec rspec ./
spec/controllers/admin/base_controller_spec.rb ./spec/controllers/
admin/newsrooms_controller_spec.rb ./spec/controllers/admin/
restricted_controller_spec.rb ./spec/models/author_spec.rb ./spec/
models/editor_spec.rb ./spec/models/newsroom_blog_post_spec.rb ./spec/
models/newsroom_post_spec.rb ./spec/models/newsroom_spec.rb

Finished in 1.21 seconds
28 examples, 0 failures

On Mar 17, 12:58pm, ericindc [email protected] wrote:

admin/newsrooms_controller_spec.rb ./spec/controllers/admin/
[email protected]://
I’ve had this problem before and have double checked some of the
possible concerns mention in this thread.

I am running Rails 3.0.5 on OS X with the following RSpec files

rspec (2.5.0)
rspec-core (2.5.1)
rspec-expectations (2.5.0)
rspec-mocks (2.5.0)
rspec-rails (2.5.0)

$ ls -l app/models/

157 Mar 17 12:44 author.rb
241 Mar 17 11:50 editor.rb
194 Mar 17 11:30 newsroom.rb
540 Mar 17 12:45 newsroom_blog_post.rb
146 Mar 17 12:21 newsroom_post.rb

$ ls -l spec/models/

156 Mar 17 12:44 author_spec.rb
401 Mar 17 11:50 editor_spec.rb
490 Mar 17 12:40 newsroom_blog_post_spec.rb
189 Mar 17 12:20 newsroom_post_spec.rb
150 Mar 17 11:30 newsroom_spec.rb

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