Automation QA Engineer with Relocation to Berlin

About the client:

In thе mоdеrn dаtа іntеnsіvе сlіmаtе, іt’s vіtаl tо usе thе pоwеr thаt
dаtа gіvеs tо thе fullеst bу еxсеllеnt соntrоl аnd lеvеrаgе tо іnсrеаsе
іts prоduсtіvіtу. Our іnсrеdіblе tеаm hаs оvеr 30 уеаrs оf еxpеrіеnсе іn
thе fіеld оf еDіsсоvеrу аnd Infоrmаtіоn Gоvеrnаnсе аnd оur іnvеstmеnt іn
tесhnоlоgісаl іnnоvаtіоn аnd dеtеrmіnаtіоn tо mееt оur сlіеnts grоwіng
dаtа nееds hеlpеd us tо gаіn unquеstіоnаblе lеаdеrshіp іn thе mаrkеt. Wе
hаvе bееn thе fіrst tо dеlіvеr а dеsktоp sеаrсh еngіnе, NаRа аnd
саpstоnе соmplіаnt sоlutіоn аnd kееp dеvеlоpіng а vаrіеtу оf еntеrprіsе
sеаrсh аnd іnfоrmаtіоn mаnаgеmеnt аpplісаtіоns. Mоrеоvеr, оur suссеss
саn bе mеаsurеd bу thе trust wе аrе gіvеn frоm оur pаrtnеrs – Fоrtunе
1000 соmpаnіеs, gоvеrnmеnt аnd rеgulаtоrу аgеnсіеs whісh іnсludе UN
Trіbunаl соunсіl, thе Whіtе Hоusе аnd аzkоnоbеl.

Your Role:

Develop User and Component Acceptance Testing in your team;
Operate testing and defects in your team and assure the high-quality
Coordinate Behavior Driven Development User Acceptance and Component
Acceptance Tests with Product Owner and Scrum Team;
Design and script Behavior Driven Development User Acceptance and
Component Acceptance Tests though Cucumber;
Create Component Integration Tests;
Support cross Scrum team testing and harmonization;
Use metrics and Key Performance Indicators on a sprint basis to support
clarity of the quality status.

Your qualification:

More than 3 years of work experience in test automation in a Scrum team;
Experience with minimum one scripting software language (Ruby or JS in
preference) of more than 3 years;
Ability to integrate your knowledge of test automation tools (Selenium,
Appium etc.);
Background with Behavior Driven Development through Cucumber or similar
Good skills in multi platform testing (Web, Android, iOS);
Understanding of the operation process of continuous integration
Familiarity with software testing concepts & definitions;
Good understanding of Agile test and development practices;
Thoroughness and great attention for detail;
Self-motivation and proactivity define your work style;
Excellent English written and spoken skills.

Additional information:

You’ll have an opportunity to contribute towards the development of
product that makes a difference to millions of learners around the
world. If you face our challenges with us, we guarantee you endless
personal and professional growth, appreciation and development of your
potential and long-term opportunities. We do our best to support the
growth of our vibrant international team through friendly working hours
system, great working conditions (High-End company bike, fresh fruits &
drinks, Hackathons) and opportunity to expand horizons through
participation in hackdays, technology brown-bags, peer-learning sessions
and onsite language courses and all of that in the heart of fascinating

If interested in this position, you can apply here:

For additional details on this role contact - Anna Zrazhevska
Skype: ann_zr
[email protected]

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