Automation fails for application with new chrome version 78 and above

We are unable to click element, within 2 iframes, in the web application using automation (ruby,capybara,rspec). The code runs fine on chrome version 77. On version 78 and above, the automation run bypasses the click code, and test script therefore fails later. We tried approaches like changing xpath, using wait at frame level and for capybara ‘‘find’’ command, static and dynamic waits etc. but this did not worked.

The code fragment is as below: The code bypasses line 4 without actually clicking the element and application crashes in next method.

#use to click on pmcprofile tab

  1. def PROFILE.click_pmc_profile_tab
  2. within_frame(find(:xpath, $sfl_canvas_outerframe, :visible=> true, :wait=> 60)) do
  3. within_frame(find(:xpath, $sfl_canvas_innerframe, :visible=> true, :wait=> 60)) do
  4. find(:xpath, $usrprof_profile_tab).click
  5. "Clicking User Profile Tab Under PMC Application "
  6. end
  7. end
  8. end

Kindly help

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