Automatic thumbnail generation?

Hi All,

Ie$B!Fe(Bd like the ability to generate thumbnails of images
automatically, for example to create thumbnails for a list view of
photo articles. Maybe something like a tag to call the image where I
can specify attributes for:

  • resize longest image dimension to x pixels
  • resizes to whole pixels on both dimensions
  • crop to square
  • ability to set class based on landscape or portrait
  • ability to populate img tage$B!Ge(Bs width and height
  • generates a thumbnail with either .thumb.jpg or .80x80.jpg (or
    whatever the format is) suffix
  • doesne$B!Ge(Bt make thumbnails that look like ass

Does anything out there do this? If not is anyone interested in
writing an extension (or adding this functionality to an existing
extension) to do this? Ie$B!Ge(Bve heard that fleximage is apparently
pretty nice, but what do I know eh.

Thanks for your time

peace - oli


I believe that some of the features you want can be found here

One could start with either of those and add your missing features,
but I don’t know of any extensions out there to do what you want.


attachment_fu , a rails plugin, handles this well.



paperclipped definitely does about 80% of this. Importantly it makes
very good looking thumbnails and you can customize the crop and size.
It also does not require rmagick, so it is a bit lighter weight on
RAM. I have been recently doing some drag and drop work as well, when
you drag an image into a page part, the correct tag is generated. This
is not in the trunk version, but should be there in a day or two.

It is based on Thoughbot’s Paperclip plugin, which for me is a bit
nicer than attachment_fu, but both have their place.

If you don’t need all of these features, page_attachments is also a
very usuable choice. I have often used it when I need a lighter weight

If you do try out paperclipped, let me know if you need any help, the
documentation is, um, sparse…