AutoIt: Any support for OCR?


I am automating my set top box, having a Client app which has a remote
which synchronizes with the TV at the time it connects. (after having
entered STB IP and box type). After successfully connecting, I can
simulate all the actions on the TV with the remote present in my client
app (they go in parallel). For e.g, if I press “menu” on the remote in
my client app, “menu” click is simulated on the TV as well. Also, the
screen shown on TV is also shown in the client app.

Coming to the question, my requirement is to capture the image coming on
my client app (basically an image capture). I have a tool QTP which
supports Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and hence I am able to
create checkpoints and get text out of the image.

I am now using ruby with AutoItX controls to get this client app
automated.It seems to be working really well and fast for me, just
facing one problem to fetch text out of the screen image.

But my question is, does AutoIt support getting text out of images? Is
there any way out to work this?


I’m sorry… i’m not speak english.

You managed to turn image into text?

I am thankful for your aid to you.

Thanks very much.

Atte. Julian