Autocompletion for <SELECT>

[note: I sent this note to Spinoffs with no takers. Hoping someone
here has some advice. Thanx. Jodi]

Greetings all.

I am looking for an ajax-a-fied select box (single select).

Unlike the autocompleter for a text field, it would restrict the
entry to only those entries returned.

Ala Ticket #2586 [ ]

“Essentially an autocomplete that only allows values from a list.
Might even be fed by a regular select tags (with options), or by an
AJAX call. The control should behave like the autocomplete control,
but stop the user from inputting any text that is not a list element.
This control would be used as a more user friendly alternative to
HTML?s standard select (which is absolutely useless if you have large
lists, such as all the countries of the world).”

Which I found to my amazement (yes!), but have not been able to find
within the distribution (sigh!!). The Ticket was closed (resolution
set to worksforme) - does this control exist?

If not, I can put one together - can anyone suggest how this might be
constructed? - select box populated via an ajax call? Could I use an
Ajax.Autocompleter with an updateElement to load the data? (will the
autocompleter watch a select?.

Thanx for your thoughts.

Congrats Mr. Fuchs(and contributors) on a great lib.