Autocomplete layers

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to extend the functionality of the autocomplete just a little
bit but without understanding exactly what it’s doing, I’m finding it
get it where I want. If anyone could lend a hand, it would be

  1. Is there anyway to keep the search results in place, even as the user
    interacts with other elements on the page? Right now, if you click
    anywhere on the site, the results disappear right away.

  2. Can the configuration be changed so that a default list appears when
    the query is blank? For instance, if you look at the website,
    the autocomplete displays a list even when the search query is blank. In
    this project, I would be happy with either static or dynamic data - just

  3. Is there anyway to configure the autocomplete so that the search
    results actually push data on the rest of the page down - instead of
    overlapping it?

Help on any of these, again, would be great!

Thanks in advance!

From what you are describing, autocomplete is probably the wrong
solution. Check into the observe_field/form method (one of the key
elements to autocomplete). This should allow you to render your
default list and watch for user keystrokes in a specified field/form
with full control over how/where the results are rendered (so you can
keep them in the form as you desire). The autocomplete stuff, yanked
to a plugin in 2.x, was really intended for a different purpose.

On Jan 28, 8:15 pm, Neil H. [email protected]