Auto T/R and Squelch


In my application I am attempting to use the USRP in full duplex mode.
RX on a TVRX side B
TX on a RFX 400 side A

A problem that I have come across is that there is always a carrier
present on my output frequency, which is an issue for my particular
I have the USRP output configured as “Auto T/R” which I believe should
not output anything when it is being sent nothing. I have placed a
power squelch block before the USRP output which has gate set to “Yes”
to ensure that nothing it being sent to the usrp.
Is there a way that I can set the RFX400 to receive mode based on the
status of a squelch block? Basically I am not sure how I can detect
weather or not the squelch block has activated using GRC. I would be
interested in being able to do this anyway so that a user can see the
status of the squelch.

Could someone give me some guidance on how to use these settings and
features? Or point me in the direction of documentation that I have

Thanks :slight_smile:
Andrew Gilbett
[email protected]