Auto Suggest/Complete

Hello everyone,

Has anyone come up with a decent autocomplete function? And by this I
mean a funtcion that allows the user to search a list alphabetically,
as with Google suggest, as oppsed to simply using wildcards and the
SQL Like function?

I’ve been looking around but to no avail…

Any help is appreciated.


I have to answer my own question here, which, in a way, illustrates a
certain level of incompetence on my part.
To search a list of names, for example, using sql alphabetically, one
could use the like function as follows"

Select from names where name like ‘a%’

This will return all names that begin with the letter a.


On Jul 3, 11:41 am, “[email protected][email protected]

2 more cents

Select from names where name like ‘a%’

if you have more than just first name, you can also use ‘%a%’ to look
for substrings

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