Auto_link fails to handle tilda's (~) and markdown fails to

Hi There,

So I was just having some trouble with auto_link and markdown.

Specfically auto_link was failing to handle urls with tildas in them (~)

and markdown couldn’t handle an acute accent (`) e.g.


It seems that acute accents (or backticks) in Markdown signify code
segments, and it seems there’s an open ticket for this:

However, regarding auto_link I found where I could fix this in

changing the following line:

([\w]+[=?&/.-]?)* # url segment
to this

([\w~]+[=?&/.-]?)* # url segment

I can see that there are a number of tickets relating to auto_link:

However I am unclear how to submit this as a fix. Any guidance would be
greatly appreciated.

I’d also appreciate any pointers on how to run the TextHelper tests to
ensure I haven’t broken anything else