Auto completion for dynamically created input fields

While working on a small application for a friend of mine, I stumbled
upon a particularly tricky problem. But first a few lines about my
general setup:

Among other things, my application is managing Employees, each of which
has_and_belongs_to_many Skills. My pretty straightforward
EmployeesController offers the actions “new” and “edit”, which display a
form where the user can edit the employee record. The user is able to
assign skills to an employee by using text fields, if a skill does not
already exist, it is created on the fly when updating the employee

This part of the application already works, I implemented the solution
proposed by Ryan B. in his Railscasts #73-75. Thus my Employee model
has a virtual attribute skill_attributes; in the setter method
skill_attributes=(), Skill.find_or_create_by_name() is called for each
passed skill name. My code for this is not quite elegant, but it works
just fine:

def skill_attributes=( skill_attributes )
for attributes in skill_attributes
unless attributes[ ‘name’ ].blank?
skill = Skill.find_or_create_by_name( attributes[ ‘name’ ] )
self.skills << skill unless self.skills.include?( skill )

In the _form for the employees I just render the following partial for
each skill:

  • <% fields_for "employee[skill_attributes][]", skill do |skill_form| %> <%= skill_form.label :name, 'Skill: ' %><%= skill_form.text_field :name, :index => nil %> <%= link_to_function 'remove', "this.up( '.skill' ).remove()" %> <% end %>
  • Using the “remove” link, the user can remove the skill entry (the

    with the label and the text_field), new ones can be added by a link in
    the main form:

    link_to_function ‘Add skill’ do |page|
    page.insert_html :bottom, :skills, :partial => ‘skill’, :object =>

    As mentioned above, this part is already working fine. However, I also
    want to add an auto completion feature using AJAX, because this was the
    motivation to use text fields in the first place (in a desktop
    application, I might have used a combo box for this). Using a slightly
    modified version of the auto_complete plugin, this is no problem in
    other parts of the application.

    But in this case I am confronted with the problem that I (obviously)
    have to know the (html) id of each text field to create an
    Ajax.Autocompleter for it. But at the moment, the id shared by all text
    fields (“employee_skill_attributes__name”), and I have no idea about a
    “clean” way of assigning an unique one to the ones created by the
    client-side-only JavaScript link.

    I can’t get rid of this odd feeling that the solution is waiting right
    under my nose, but I am not enough of a JavaScript programmer to find a
    simple way to accomplish this…

    Thanks in advance!


    did you ever solve this problem, combining dynamic fields_for entries
    with the autocomplete helper? I would like to use the same combination
    (using attribute_fu) and I’m stuck at the same position.


    On 24 Jul., 16:49, Klick V. [email protected]

    Hello Jens,

    IIRC I went with an approach similar to the one described by Jeff Dean:

    There also was a discussion about this issue on the rails-core list a
    while ago, maybe you can find something in the archives. As far as I
    remember, it didn’t yield any concrete results though.

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