Auto_complete_for exists but not being found by Rails

Anybody encounter this. I know the method exists in the auto_complete.rb
file in my rails installation, but it itsnt accessing it throught he

Any ideas?

Should I reinstall Rails?

On 7/28/06, Eric G. [email protected] wrote:

Should I reinstall Rails?

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If your using it from the controller then it should be there.

You could always try re-installing rails. It’s a bit hard to guess
happening with as much information as you’ve posted. Can you be a
more specific about what’s happening

Sure Daniel,

This is the controller code:

def realsignup
auto_complete_for :sports, :name

realsignup.rhtml is the page that gets loaded.

Here is the error I get.

“undefined method `auto_complete_for’ for #UserController:0x37d88a8


Daniel ----- wrote:

On 7/28/06, Eric G. [email protected] wrote:

Should I reinstall Rails?

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Rails mailing list
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I have used the auto complete and its working for me…

The way I did it was

In the views

   1.  Include the default javascript in the .rhtml file
  		<%= javascript_include_tag  :defaults %>

   2.  Where ever u wanna do the autocomplete include this tag

        <%= text_field_with_auto_complete :movie, :movie_name %>

        book and the book_name are the name of the textbox
        So u can access the value of the textbox with
        params[:movie]['movie_name'] in the controller.

       Thats all in the views...

Now in the controller

  1.   Define a method named "auto_complete_for_book_book_name"
       Remember this method should be there in the same controller 

as that of the view page.
I tried the way u did b4, and got the same error. So I did
this way…

       	def auto_complete_for_book_book_name
		book_search = params[:movie][:movie_name]
		@books = Book.find(:all,
				   :conditions => [ 'LOWER(book_name) LIKE ?',book_search.downcase 
  • ‘%’ ],
    :order => ‘book_name ASC’)
    render :partial => ‘/views/all_views’

     2. Write a partial rhtml page named all_views

Thats it…

An example is given in the Follow this link and find

Hey Anand,

Thanks for the advice, I got it to work kinda.

Its querying my database, however when I click on one of the items, its
shows up in the text field with a top margin and extra spaces on both
sides of the entry.

Basically, when it shows up in my text field, i can only see the very
top of the word because the whole entry is shifted down some. I have to
drag within the text field to reveal the word.

Overall, it takes up like 3 lines with the word in the middle line, so
you cant even see the word unless you drag down inside the text field.
Do you know what could be wrong?

I am a bit confused what ur problem is???
if u dont have any probs, can u just take a screenshot of it and send me
so that I can understand it properly…

my mai id is [email protected]


Ananda, I got it working, basically, in the partial for the list, there
were spaces

in between the div and li tags…

thanks for all your help…

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