Auto_complete_field, :on_hide woes

I have auto_complete working generating a list and populating a text
box in a form. The problem arises when I add the :on_hide option as

<%= auto_complete_field “search”,
{ :url => {:action => “search”}, :on_hide => “foo($(‘selected_uid’),
$(‘search_list’))”} > %>

:on_hide makes everything stop working (‘search’ action doesn’t get
called); in addition, the div that is supposed to contain the
selection list becomes visible beneath the text box as an ugly grey

Also, the javascript in the on_hide parameter gets executed on page
load; why is that?

Here’s the generated html for the form:

Search by surname:
 <script type="text/javascript">


Anyone have some working auto_complete_field code that uses :on_hide
(or :on_show) that they could share?


James H.
Web application developer
Centre for Health Services and Policy Research
Vancouver, BC

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