Authlogic and Authlogic-OID Question

Hello,I was wondering if anyone was using these and if so, hopefully you
could explain something to me.

When User::create is called when using an open_id, User::create gets
twice and the second call clears out the session.

The first call to User::create deletes a row from
open_id_authentication_associations and then inserts a new row into the
table. It then sets up the request to and fires it off.

The second call to User::create receives the result fro and
a new empty session (all my original values gone)

Does anyone know how I can preserve my session during this process? And
general question, when the block is called in the, is it then

I’m asking because at present, I don’t have time to go through the code
will only have time when this project is finished.

Thank you