AuthenticationFailed error with Net::SSH::Gateway

I wrote up a script that will connect to a remote Linux system and run
some commands. Now I need to use the Net::SSH::Gateway gem to connect
to a host, and use that as a portal to SSH to another system.

Normally, I can connect to the first box and SSH successfully to

However, when I try to use Net::SSH::Gateway, I get an
AuthenticationFailed error. I’m completely lost because my credentials
are correct.

Here is my test code, which is nearly the same example code found in the
Net::SSH::Gateway API:

require ‘net/ssh’
require ‘net/ssh/gateway’

gateway =‘sytem1’, ‘joe’, :password =>

gateway.ssh(‘system2’, ‘joe’) do |ssh|
puts ssh.exec!(“uname -n”)


start': joe (Net::SSH::AuthenticationFailed) from D:/Program Files/Ruby/lib/ruby/gems/1.8/gems/net-ssh-gateway-1.0.1/lib/net/ssh/gateway.rb:169:inssh’
from Playground.rb:12

If it helps, I’m using the following:
Ruby (1.8.6)
net-ssh gem (2.0.11)
net-ssh-gateway (1.0.1)

Just to follow up, I examined the logs on my target linux boxes and it
seems that authentication is indeed successful. What I found odd was
that the logs on the target system (system2 in my code) said the
connection was closed by system1 (the gateway), which in turn said the
connection was closed by my local workstation.


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