Authentication and Authorization

Hi there,

I have been looking for a plugin to authenticate and authorize users
in a ruby on rails application.

I found some options like:

Restful authentication, Authologic, Clearence and Devise.

I would like to know your opinions about these plugins, so I can
choose one to use in the app.

Thanks in advance,

Marcelo P

You can use Devise for authentication and for Authorization you can go
with cancan…

If you already know how to install configure and work with these
plugins then OK otherwise there are railscasts to start with …

I hope this helps…

  • Ramu.

On Mon, Apr 19, 2010 at 8:23 PM, Marcelo P. [email protected]

choose one to use in the app.

I would go with Authlogic for authentication. If your authorization
requirements will be simple, cancan it’s just fine, if you plan
growing up in matter of roles and stuff, I would recommend Declarative

Hope it helps.

Leonardo M…
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