Authentication again

Hi everybody

First of all sory for my bad english (I’m french).

So here is my problem :
I’m doing a radiant application and I want to implement user
authentication. Basicaly the application is a blog and people have to
register in order to post/create new topic and comment (in fact it’s a
forum combined to a blog but that’s not the problem).

So I saw a lot of topic talking about authentication in radiant but none
of them telling how to implement it or even if it’s possible. Some of
them tell us to use the web server HTTP authentication and others to
implement an authentication system in rails.

I thought about something but I don’t know if it is possible or not (as
I’m new in radiant and ruby on rails in general). My guess is to unpack
the radiant source and use it as a basic rails app, then install the
restfull_authentication plugin and finally use it in extensions. I
started working on that but the more I’m working on it the more I’m
thinking that I’m going on the wrong way!

So my final question is : does anybody knows a simple way to implement
the user authentication in radiant and if it’s possible?



Radiant is not designed to be community portal software, which would fit
your use case better. There is a community portal built with Rails but
the name of it escapes me at the moment.


The coincidence of this thread about ‘community-portal’ use case and
post (Community Engine - Rails Plugin That Adds Social Networking To
Ruby Inside prompt me to ask: does Radiant plays well with rails
plugins? I recall something about differences in the file structures
creating incompatibilities.


Thanks, Josh!