Auth request module header passing

Hi Maxim,
Many thanks to your work!

I am using auth req module and have experienced the following problem
I can’t get the headers to be passed to auth backend from initial

location /initial {
auth_request /auth

location /auth {
proxy_pass ;
proxy_set_header X-Header $http_x_header_from_request;

Unfortunately, auth service does not receive the X-header.
Do I understand correct that auth_req module does not receive headers
initial request?

Thanks in advance,

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It works,
you have to put header in quotes:

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Hello mokriy,

Are you using the perl script that Maxim included with auth_request or
you doing it some other way?

I am working to setup auth_request using my own form and with a CGI
in C but I would be very interested in what you are doing.

What does “” represent in your nginx.conf?

Thank you both very much.

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