Audio streaming

I have an AM demodulator producing audio data. How do I stream that
audio to another computer to play out the audio using VLC?


Dear Mark,

dozens of options – you could just use the ZMQ sinks/sources to send
these samples to GNU Radio on the target PC, but you could also just
take these float samples, and shuffle them into the UDP sink, and
instruct that to send the packets to your target VLC’s port (watch all
the firewall/networking problems that could happen underway). You will
need to instruct your VLC that what is coming is raw float samples at
the sampling rate you use.

Another, bandwidth-efficient approach would be writing these samples,
using the file sink, into a FIFO. Under Linux, you can generate a FIFO
with “mkfifo”, and open that FIFO with a local VLC; then you can use
VLC’s versatile compression and streaming functionality.

Best regards,