Audio Sample Rate Solution

I have finally found a simple solution to my audio sample rate issue.
I stumbled across in the audio examples
and there found the rational resampler block.

rr = blks2.rational_resampler_fff(interp, decim)

The following clears up the audio sample rate problem for the examples
that decimate to a 32 kS/s rate by resampling to 48 kS/s.

interp = 3
decim = 2
rr = blks2.rational_resampler_fff(interp, decim)
audio_rate = audio_rate*interp/decim

Then add rr to the connection graph.

self.connect(… self.volume_control, rr, audio_sink)

An alternative kluge that was working was to change the three
decimation rates in the (AM/FM/NBFM) examples to 222/1/6 which results
an audio rate of 48048 which was close enough to 48000 to sound ok.