Attribute Error: 'QByteArray' object has no attribute 'toByteArray'


Working with the Dizzy build of E310 and trying to get GUI items to run
that have no QWT in them to run.

Starting with uhd_fft.grc (gnuradio-companion run with LD_PRELOADS
documented previously) with all blocks disable except QTGUI Frequency

This now runs until it hits

self.settings=Qt.QSettings(“GNU Radio”,“uhd_fft”)
self.restoreGeometry(self.settings.value(“geometry”). toByteArray()

Attribute Error: ‘QByteArray’ object has no attribute ‘toByteArray’

Commenting out this line allows that Python Program to run and properly
display the GUI.

Looking briefly into this /usr/include/qt4/QtCore/qbytearray.h it
have any toByteArray and not being as familiar as I could be with what
piece of code is asking for this, any pointers regarding where the root
cause of this might be would be appreciated.

I know that there are issues with the PyQt implementation in this build
that are being addressed, but my suspicion is that this is unrelated to
that work.