Attr_accessor problems


I have a model (Person) with an attr_accessor defined variable
(copy_employer_address) which is used as a field in a form (checkbox/

When the form is submitted the value of the field is there in params
but does not appear to be available to my model instance after a mass
assignment ([:person] or

I am trying to access the variable from within another instance method
using self.copy_employer_address.

I do not have attr_accesssible on the model directly but the
acts_as_ferret and acts_as_taggable macros are present.

Is what I am trying to do valid, i.e. should
“attr_accessor :variable_name” allow “self.variable_name” when mass
assigning from params ?



I think I know the answer,

The method in which I am trying to access the copy_employer_address
vaiable is a setter method also invoked by the same mass assignment,
so the order in which the elements of params[:person] appear mean that
the copy_employer_address variable has not been populated at the time
I am trying to access it. I will move the logic into a before_save