Attn: Gem developers - a documentation project


I’m currently working on a project called Basedex which I’ve announced
previously on this list, and to rehash, it’s basically a collaborative
index. Right now, I’m developing an index[1] for Ruby on Rails
developers to search through all the APIs for Ruby on Rails and gems.

I would love to consolidate all the APIs for all the gems into one
place, so if you wish to have your rdoc documentation included into
Basedex, please send the URL of your documentation (e.g. by either replying to this post or by e-mailing me
at nelson[at]speran[dot]com. Right now, I’m simply parsing
fr_class_index.html and fr_method_index.html.

Here are a few indexes that I’ve created:
Facets API -
Hpricot API -
Rake API
mechanize API -

I’ve merged the indexes that I think most Ruby on Rails developers would
use (Hpricot, Rake, scRUBYt, mechanize) into [1]. In the future, I hope
to have this automated.