[ATTN] AgDLR 0.5 Released

In conjunction with MIX ‘09 and the announcement of IronRuby 0.3, I’d
like to announce a new release of AgDLR 0.5 – the Silverlight Dynamic
Languages SDK.

Download AgDLR 0.5

You can also check out and download the source code for this release:
View: GitHub - jschementi/agdlr at v0.5.0
Download: http://github.com/jschementi/agdlr/zipball/v0.5.0

This is the MIX ‘09 release for Silverlight 2 and Silverlight 3 Beta. It
updates the languages to IronRuby 0.3 and IronPython 2.6 pre-alpha, and
adds a bunch of new features to Microsoft.Scripting.Silverlight and
Chiron. Please read the release notes for details, or my announcement