Attempting gnuradio build on PCLinuxOS64 - fails

This is my first posting to the mailing list, my apology for it being a
bit on the long side and yet perhaps short of vital information. Despite
the length my understanding is that for somebody with more experience
than I will have no trouble just skimming through and pick up some vital
clues that is lost on me.
Compiling is not my strong side and I am a beginner as far as details on
getting gnuradio working to any extent. The distrobution does have a
gnuradio-3.6.4 available and I have practiced getting to know gnuradio

I got interested in a more ambitious attempt to get gqrx running and
figured that a ‘pybombs’ instance would be worth trying, the attraction
of the recipes was to enticing. I realised eventually that ‘pybombs’ has
troubles of sorts when using it in PCLinuxOS. From what I can see the
process runs but and eventually returns to command prompt after what I
have figured, installed 3 and a bit programs.
The configurations stage I believe I survived by choosing almost
default, exept I have selected from: src only because of using “another”
linux than the ones ‘pybombs’ are built on?? Then the following happens:

[[email protected] pybombs]$ ./pybombs install gnuradio
Settled on prefix: /home/gert/gr-sandbox/target
Initializing environmental variables…
no existing inventory found, creating an empty one…
value updated
Loading recipes …
Installing packages:

  • make

  • python

  • libbzip

  • boost

  • fftw

  • cppunit

  • swig

  • gsl

  • libusb

  • numpy

  • uhd

  • alsa

  • glib

  • libtiff

  • libpng

  • libjpeg

  • gdk-pixbuf

  • atk

  • freetype

  • fontconfig

  • pixman

  • x11

  • cairo

  • pango

  • gtk2

  • wxpython

  • pygobject

  • pygtk

  • pycairo

  • sip

  • qt4

  • pyqt4

  • qwt5

  • pyqwt5

  • gnuradio
    I have only shown this section which raises questions in my mind that
    perhaps I don’t understand what is happening.
    1… From above I understand that I have set up my ‘sandbox’ from the
    ‘sandbox’ calling for gnuradio to be installed. As the process gets
    under way I am given a bonus in the form of the ‘recipes’ being
    installed, saving me the step to load them later.
    2… A considerable list of programs that will be installed. The first 3
    programs are installed, I have seen them in the ‘sandbox’ instance again
    and again (have tried quite a number of variations such as deb,src and
    rpm,src (as for some other non gr programs I have had success). The
    fourth program ‘boost’ seems to get under way but then program returns
    to command program with no error messages. As follows:

Installing from source: boost
–2015-06-10 19:14:52–
Resolving (…
Connecting to
(||:80… connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response… 302 Found
–2015-06-10 19:14:52–
Resolving (…
Connecting to
(||:80… connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response… 200 OK
Length: 55765258 (53M) [application/octet-stream]
Saving to: ‘boost_1_53_0.tar.bz2’

100%[======================================================>] 53.18M
253KB/s in 3m 36s

2015-06-10 19:18:29 (252 KB/s) - ‘boost_1_53_0.tar.bz2’ saved

Extract boost_1_53_0.tar.bz2

./ --prefix=/home/gert/gr-sandbox/target

Configuring: (100%)

./bjam --threading=multi --layout=tagged link=shared -j4 install

Installing: (100%)
[[email protected] pybombs]$