AttachmentFu::Backends error when installing page_attachments extension

Hi All,

Does anyone have troubleshooting advice for attachment_fu backend
being uninitialized? I’ve installed the mini_magick 1.2.3 gem and
checked out trunk attachment_fu into vendor/plugins as per the wiki
article (well, I installed page_attachments first, then
attachment_fu/mini_magick after getting the ‘no technoweenie’ error
:-). However:

$ rake db:migrate:extensions

keeps failing with:

$ uninitialized constant Technoweenie::AttachmentFu::Backends


that line reads:

storage_mod =


/usr/local/lib/ruby/gems/1.8/gems is in my path, and is set as
gem_root. Radiant is installed by gem and should be 0.6.6 (although in
the --trace the paths all seem to be 0.6.4)

Any advice would be much appreciated. TIA

peace - oli


When I gave my presentation to BarCamp, that happened to me (Murphy’s
Law of Live Coding). I ended up installing the plugin manually in
vendor/extensions/page_attachments/vendor/plugins, then it worked fine.
It may have to do with the mode of checkout, or that we’ve been
gradually moving things to git.


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