Attachment_fu Validation Error

Hi there!

I am trying to get attachment_fu to work. It is so good as done, just
one strange error is still there.

this is my model:

class Motorbike < ActiveRecord::Base

has_attachment :content_type => :image,
:storage => :file_system,
:max_size => 500.kilobytes,
:resize_to => ‘800x600>’,
:thumbnails => { :thumb => ‘100x100>’ }


validates_presence_of :brand


If there is an other validation instead of the attachment_fu the model
pop up this error:

ActiveRecord::RecordInvalid in MotorbikesController#create
Validation failed: Brand can’t be blank

If there is only the attachment_fu validation, everything works great.

What could be the reason or is there a good way around?

Greenting Chaos