Attachment_fu not resizing

Hi there.

Im usig attachement_fu for uploading my files to the site. I have
followed in parts the guide at:
It is creating the thumbnails ok, but it is not resizing them as it

I have used the following code:

has_attachment :storage => :file_system,
:max_size => 500.megabytes,
:resize_to => [300, 300],
:thumbnails => { :thumb => [200, 200], :icon => [100,
100], :tiny => [50, 50] },
:processor => :MiniMagick, # attachment_fu looks in
this order: ImageScience, Rmagick, MiniMagick
:path_prefix => “/public/uploads/”

validates_as_attachment # ok two lines if you want to do validation, and
why wouldn’t you?

I have also tried using it width :thumb => “200x200>” this did not work
wither. What am i doing wrong?

  • Emil

And another thing, it doesn’t save the width and height attributes into
the database.

Hi! I’ve the same problem. Could you fix it?

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