Attachment_fu ImageScience FreeImage thumbnail quality

I’ve tried migrating acts_as_attachment to attachment_fu (just to see
if I could replace RMagick with ImageScience+FreeImage), but the
quality of the thumbnails is just horrendous, blurred beyond
recognition (downscaling a 1280x1024 to a few considerably smaller
Changing attachment_fu to use RMagick again and the thumbnails were
crispy sharp again.

I was wondering if this has anything to do with ImageScience or if
it’s rather just FreeImage not using a good scaling algorithm.

Best regards

Peter De Berdt


Check out this blog’s comments:

From the link:
“ImageMagick’s default resampling filter used for image resizing is the
Lanczos filter. For Image Science it’s bilinear filter. Bilinear is
but it’s not the best for creating thumbnails of photographic images.
only possible to set Lanczos as the default by patching FreeImage
It’s pretty straightforward though Â…”

“Martins: That decision came up when I asked Ryan D. to include the
resizing functions in ImageScience. He was dead set on keeping the gem
simple, so decided to hardwire the filter choice. It may be worth being
to override it in Ruby without having to hack c though.”