Attachment_fu and public_filename

Hey all , I’ve been using attachment_fu for a while now and I love it,
but recently I’ve been expanding and I have a setup on 2 servers, the
first one is the application server and the second is the picture
host. So I just setup my public/pictures directory as a NFS to my
second server so uploaded pictures get saved to the second server. The
trouble I have is the public_filename method reads from
pictures/ and I need it to read from I have
all the DNS routing setup already but whenever I try to modify the
public_filename method it always prefixes with and I just
can’t figure out how to override the whole domain it reads from. Any
help you could provide me would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in

Okay i fixed it, can’t believe it took me this long to figure out.
When i altered public_filename i only didn’t prefix it with http:// i
only did sticking the http:// in there works just
like I need.

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