[attachment_fu] Allways triggering after_attachment_saved callback


I use attachment_fu in one of my apps and recently I’ve realized that
udpates are taking too much time. After some debugging I’ve found that
attachment_fu is calling after_attachment_saved callback no mather if
attachemnt has changed or not.

For example this code:
after_attachment_saved do |photo|
logger.info “after_attachment_saved”

in console - always logging “after_attachment_saved” to logs

no mather if attachment changed or not


Could anyone check if after_attachment_saved triggers only when
attachment is actually saved? I don’t know if it’s my mistake or bug
in attachment_fu.

I’ve created new application (rails 2.1.1) and implemented
attachment_fu like here: http://clarkware.com/cgi/blosxom/2007/02/24

The same issue.

I’ve figured out that attachment_fu is allways (for saved files)
creating temp files in temp_paths method and since saved_attachment?
method relies on temp files it allways returns true…