ATSC Signal Receiving Output File Empty

Hi Everyone,

I recently begin to use GNU Radio to receive ATSC signal. The GNU Radio
is the most updated Developer version on Ubuntu 9.04. I followed the
steps of
README in /gnuradio/gr-atsc/src/python/. I set the frequency to be 557M
decimation to be 10 and number of samples to collected to be 200M. There
is no
overrun or under run during collecting the data. After excuting,,, and, the
file is empty. I set each of the py programs to output file, and saw
that the
output of is empty. There were someone posting a similar
question on
the disscussion list, but I didn’t find the answer to that. Do you have
opinion about this? Is the parameters setting causing the problem or I
operating this incorrectly?

Thanks a lot!


Following the previous question, this is the error information I got.
This error
happened sometimes, not all the times, depend on the data collected.
Does anyone have some ideas about this?

/work/gnuradio/gr-atsc/src/python$ ./

gr_fir_fff: using SSE
inp and btl connected
0 connected
1 connected
fsd and pipe 5 connected
python: bool atsci_interpolator::update(const
sssr::sample_t*, int, int*, double, sssr::sample_t*): Assertion `d_incr
= 1 &&
d_incr <= 3’ failed.

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