ATSC receiving/demodulation/decoding

This is Auburn University’s Software Defined Radio Senior Design Team,

Our goals are to receive and output FM Radio (which we currently have
working) and also to Receive, Decode, and Display HDTV through SDR.
We have a USRP1, USRP2, a WBX and a TVRX card, using any combination of
this hardware, what would be the best way to receive and decode atsc
signals so we can watch hdtv?

Some other questions we have:
What is the current state of ATSC decoding to watch HDTV?
How close to real time can be achieved with the USRP2?

For the ATSC part of our project we have been adhering closely to the
Readme File found in /gnuradio/gr-atsc/src/python.

As far as the results after following the process mentioned in the
Our problems are similar to those I have seen a few posts on the mailing
list for already with no replies.
The output file is empty.
Pipe 5 never seems to get any data.
And there is a taps.txt file created which is also empty.

We have implemented the suggestions from previous posts to similar
We have verified the output of as I have seen mentioned.

We have tried with latest distributions of LINUX and GNU Radio.

  • Ubuntu v.9.10 w/ reiserfs, and then after seeing a post on the
    mailing-list we switched to using xfs
  • GnuRadio v.3.2.2
  • and the git on the bleeding edge of GnuRadio

We have tried using both the USRP1 and the USRP2 but with the same

Stephen B. and Bobby Black
[email protected]