Asynchronous Calls

Is there a way to setup asychronous calls in IronRuby. I’ve used things
like WebClient.download_string_async, but I’m wondering if I can setup
an async using just IronRuby.

For example:
@data.get_settings do |settings|

do stuff after async call


Where get_settings is an async method and it executes the block after it
is completed.

Thanks for any help,

What do you mean by “set up asynchronous calls”?

If your get_settings method is a C# method using the IAsyncResult
pattern, then you should be able to invoke it from IronRuby.

From memory you can pass a ruby Proc in place of the AsyncCallback and it should all work:


callback = lambda{ |asyncresult| puts data.end_get_settings(asyncresult)
data.begin_get_settings(“abc”, callback, nil)

If you want to write your own asynchronous method not involving C# at
all, then you can do that too. If that’s the case, then all you really
need to do is remember to call the block when you’re done.


def get_settings(&block)
settings = 123

In a real function you’d probably run the body of get_settings in
another thread, but I won’t go into how to do threading, as there may be
other better ways depending on your situation.


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